AyoNoble is a painter whose work is an African -inspired art collection of diverse medium. Born in Lagos, Nigeria, she realized her creative gift at an early age. She continues to draw inspiration from the simplicity, and natural beauty of all that she was surrounded by in Nigeria as well as the eye-catching fashion of West African, specifically, Yoruba culture. Through-out her life, she has been privilaged enough to have lived in serveral different countries other than Nigeria, including the USA, Canada, China and currently Saudi Arabia. The diverse beauty of these different places has had a significant impact on Ayo's interpretation of beauty and design.

In 2004, Ayo began to formally showcase her art pieces. She has hosted several solo artshows, 'sip and paint' sessions and has been a part of a number of collective exhibitions. Most recently, she has been a member of Synergy Artists, a collective of female artists, living in Saudi Arabia. Their upcoming show runs from March 31 until April 9 in Dubai, UAE.